Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DAY 221 -- Comments, and an observation.

First of all, I want to thank those who leave comments on my posts.  I'm grateful for your insights and encouragement!  I usually respond to the comments but I have no way to let you know that I did (and if someone knows how to make that happen on Blogger, please let me know) so I hope you check back on posts where you left comments to read my responses.

Now... I want to share another observation made during our trip... remember what I've mentioned before, about my being a reading pig (click here)?  Well, we made a discovery...

When we travel, I love to drive and my husband loves to read.  He brought his Kindle along and sometimes he read aloud to me while I drove.   At first he read non-fiction stuff, but then he started reading a novel aloud.  

The following day, he pointed out that he had expected me to beg to finish the book that evening after we checked into our hotel.  He wondered, "Why is it when you are physically reading a book you have to keep reading until you finish the story... yet when you were read to, you didn't feel compelled to complete the book?"

It was astonishing to me.  I hadn't given it a second thought!  He figured maybe I wasn't really interested in the story, but I assured him I was thoroughly enjoying it and that I wanted him to continue reading the book to me.  The same thing happened after each day of his reading fiction to me... I was able to go to bed and sleep without feeling compelled to finish the story.

Apparently I am only a reading pig when I am the one reading, not when someone reads for me.  So it stands to reason... if I want to stop being an eating pig, I need someone to eat for me.  ;-)


  1. LOL! Good logic there! Or someone to feed you! That would take away the tendency to overeat in a hurry because it would get so tiresome!

  2. Lynn...you are right!! That would work. And I would live longer if someone fed me, rather than just ate "for" me. Now, I just need to convince my husband that I need spoon fed. hahahaha