Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DAY 214 -- Reflecting on poem.

I put a copy of the poem "Growth" on my fridge (see previous post) and as I've read it daily, I've reflected on the phrase, "time is wasted by being fat, my aliveness is wasted and I don't want that."  As I pondered on the poem, I realized that particular phrase can be misleading.  Thinness is not the goal for me.  Rather, I am seeking good health and fitness.  Sure, if I end up thin in the long run that would be fantastic and I certainly would not turn my nose up to it!  BUT, it is not necessarily fat that causes a person to be less alive or to waste time.  For me, eating the wrong foods, or too much food, does that.  Eating processed foods turn me into a slug, as does overeating.

So, I have the poem on my fridge to remind me that I can leave food. I don't need to eat it all. It's wasted if I eat it (beyond full) because I feel lousy and sluggish afterwards.

It's about health, not svelte.

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  1. Overeating and eating the processed foods makes me bloated every single time I eat. It's double punishing when I beat myself up for it. I've started on a path that I've been on before ~ following Weight Watcher's plan which includes counting points. I've been to WW's 3 times before and I know it works. I don't know what happens to me but I end up drifting away from it and those old eating habits re-appear. I need to remember how good it makes me feel to eat good food and not too much of it. That's the reward all by itself. Losing weight? That's like the proverbial cherry on top!