Friday, July 29, 2011

DAY 210 -- Poem: Growth

When I posted about Last Bites Mulligan Stew, a reader commented, "It goes to waste if it goes to waist."  Very well said.  It reminded me of a poem, "Growth," I found in a diet book years ago.  

Then this morning I read a blog post about clutter that, for me, served as a reminder of how my time and life are wasted when I overeat, since overeating clutters my body.  Again, the aforementioned poem came to mind.

Even though I cannot give credit to the author of the poem since I failed to record it those years ago, I feel the need to share the poem...and to hang a copy on my fridge.


I can learn to
Give away food and
Throw away food
and leave food
It's wasted
If I eat it.
Time is wasted
By being fat
My aliveness is wasted
and I don't want that.



  1. I think I'll post that last bit (four lines) up in my bathroom! It's so true. I wonder how much energy all the extra pounds costs me every single day.