Sunday, August 28, 2011

DAY 240 -- Habits and traditions.

A friend told me she was going to a movie on Saturday, the third movie she'd attended in a week's time.  "That's a lot of popcorn!" she said.

I smiled, because I remember the days when certain events or traditions called for certain foods.  I too used to buy popcorn every time I went to the movies, especially if I went to the "cheap theater" since I knew the only way the theater made a profit was through concession sales.  I wanted them to stay in business!  Now, however, I strive to eat popcorn at the movies only when I purposely plan for it.

When I began recovery for my sugarholism, I realized I could not partake of sweets just because it was a birthday, or a holiday.  I had to break those habits.  It was a little tricky trying to figure out what to put in my Christmas stocking that first year.  (I chose nuts and dried fruit.)

However, "old habits die hard," as the saying goes, so there are still times I find myself caught up in habitual eating triggers... like the urge to eat while watching television; wanting snacks while driving; and fighting the urge to graze when I'm tired, upset, or bored.

And I fall into traditional eating too... I want a corn dog at a fair; corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's day; hamburgers (and hot dogs) at a picnic; I want to gorge at Thanksgiving; and love party mix with sparking cider for New Year's Eve.

What habits or traditions (involving food) do you deal with?

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