Saturday, August 27, 2011

DAY 239 -- I'll take that as a compliment!

Last night when I attended the "schmooze" for local filmmakers, I met a man who produces short films. He said he is starting a project dealing with obesity, but the film is actually about being honest with ourselves.  As he talked about the film, he mentioned having a hard time finding overweight actors to cast. I asked him if I could audition, but he responded that I am not heavy enough.

YAY for me!  I'll take that as a compliment!

This morning I sent him an email and explained that I used to be obese and know all too well the mindset of compulsive overeating.  I asked if I could help on the project (work on the set, or consult), but I haven't heard back yet.  I would love to read the script and see if it gives a realistic, accurate, feel to food addiction.

AND... for the record... I did fine last night with attending two social functions.  Posting about the dilemma beforehand helped me, since I felt like I needed to report back on my success.  Thanks!


  1. Good strategy! I wish you luck on the project!

  2. Glad you make it through the functions without overeating! Hope you'll keep us posted regarding whether you get to help with the above project.

  3. I will definitely keep you posted if I'm allowed to help with the project, or at least allowed to read the script. I still haven't heard back from him, but I will keep trying to contact him. :)