Thursday, August 25, 2011

DAY 237 -- Waste not?

I don't like to waste food.  Just ask my husband.  I cringe when I see too much "meat" of the fruit left on the rind.  I use a spatula to scrape a container as I empty it, to get every drop.  As I mentioned in an earlier post (Last Bites Mulligan Stew), I even save the last bites of my meal when I get full.

However, when it comes to tasteless or awful tasting foods, I usually have no problem tossing. For instance, last weekend I purchased a watermelon from a local grocery store, not the market we normally frequent.  I followed my method of selecting the melon that always works for me... looking for a large yellow bottom indicating its time on the ground to ripen, and thumping for hollowness.  But, in spite of my efforts, the melon was tasteless.  Even salt did nothing to enhance the flavor.  It was very juicy, and real red, but flavor?  None.

So yesterday we bought a watermelon from Sunflower Market and when we got home, we tossed the other melon into the garbage.  I hope I don't end up in "the bad place" for wasting yucky food.  (Too bad we don't have a garden...we could have used it for compost.)

I did feel a bit bad about the money wasted on the tasteless melon, but I didn't feel like eating something I didn't enjoy.  When eating healthy, and eating only when hungry and stopping when full, who wants to use that precious meal for something that does not satisfy?  Not me.


  1. Good job, Trudy! to eat it would only encourage you to eat other things your don't really want.

  2. I try to think that the food that goes in the garbage is going to be composted at the garbage dump. My husband gets irritated with me when I end up throwing out fruits & veggies that just have no life left in them. He thinks I buy too much but the problem is that if I buy too little, I will eat poorly. My dog will usually eat just about anything I feed her so I don't end up with much waste.