Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DAY 236 -- "The kitty loves the fishy!"

We went to Sunflower market today, and since my husband's favorite fish--swordfish--was on sale, we purchased some and I fixed it for supper.  I've tasted swordfish a few times (usually small bites, at a seafood restaurant) and although it tasted "okay," it was not tasty enough for me to want a serving of it.  So, usually when I've purchased swordfish for him, I've gotten another fish for myself (like Ahi Tuna).  Today, we purchased only the swordfish and I decided to be brave.

Well, think of Madagascar when they fed Alex the Lion some fish and he loved it!  Skipper the Penguin announced, "The kitty loves the fishy."  That was me when I ate the swordfish tonight. Apparently I make it even tastier than the restaurant.  No wonder Kurt is always thrilled when I make it for him.

Here's how I prepared it... I placed it on the broiler pan and brushed it with equal parts melted butter mixed with lemon juice (for a real large swordfish steak, I use about 2 TBS butter and 2 TBS lemon juice).  I brushed the top side with the butter mixture, then sprinkled it with lemon-pepper and sea salt then broiled it for 6-7 minutes (if extra thick, then 10 minutes).  Then I turned it over and brushed it with the remaining butter/lemon mix, and sprinkled again with lemon-pepper and salt, then broiled it for another 6-7 minutes (or 10 if extra thick.)

I took one bite and went, "Mmmmm  mmm mmm."  And Kurt announced, "The kitty loves the fishy!"

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