Monday, August 22, 2011

DAY 234 -- Hot day, hot meal.

Okay, my outside thermometer in the shade reads nearly 100 degrees, but my cell phone tells me it is only 92.  So what to fix for supper?  Chili.  Yep.  Chili.

Call me nutsy, but here's the conversation I had with myself:

I need to use these fresh tomatoes, they're about to go bad.
Why don't you make chili?
Chili?  Are you nuts?  We don't eat chili in the summer!
Because it's too hot!
Well, you eat other hot meals in the summer.
Yeah, temperature hot, but chili is spicy hot.
You had spicy Mongolian BBQ the other night and didn't complain that it was summer outside.
Let's have chili.

And that's how I came to the decision to make "Busy Mom Chili" which uses canned kidney beans so I didn't need to heat up the house with a pot of beans cooking all day.  (I try to use natural or fresh products with My Healthy Eating Challenge, but when I use canned beans, for instance, I use organic with no added sugars.)  (Have you ever noticed that typical canned kidney beans have corn syrup added?)

Plus I used my fresh organic tomatoes instead of the canned diced tomatoes the recipe called for.

So laugh at me if you will, but "we" (me, myself, and I) had a hot bowl of chili for supper tonight, and my husband (who is working late) can listen to his own voices in his head to determine whether he takes leftover chili in his lunch tomorrow.

(Click here for the recipe.)


  1. I'll be looking a little closer at my cans of kidney beans. I did not know they contain sugar!! Argh!!

    Ironically, we had corn bread and ranch style beans for dinner last night!

  2. Susan...that IS ironic! I'm glad I'm not the only one having a meal that many consider food for colder months. I'm in good company! :)