Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DAY 222 -- Dressed for success.

(Felt like the title should read "Room 222" -- remember that television series?  I know...I'm dating myself.)

My husband and I have season tickets at a live performance theater in Salt Lake City.  Because of the location, and the time my husband gets off work, he does not have time to come home between work and the show, so I meet him there, and we go to dinner at a restaurant near the theater.

Since I struggled with eating in restaurants while traveling, I was determined to take control of my eating in this situation.  I had a plan.  First, we decided earlier in the day which restaurant we wanted.  Then I decided what I wanted to eat before going. Next, I asked the waitress to bring a to-go box from the get go, so I could put half the meal away before I even started eating.  (And brought a cooler with ice to put the leftovers in.)

All of those factors helped immensely.  But... I also dressed for success.  I wore a pair of slacks that for three years were too small for me.  I was so excited when I tried those pants on a few weeks ago and realized they fit again!  They fit just right.  They are not too tight, and not too baggy.  To complete the outfit, I wore a form fitting top.  The reason I tell you all this? Because the outfit gave me the added incentive to eat carefully.  I felt thin and I wanted to eat thin.  There was no way I wanted to feel bloated since any stomach bulge would have distracted from my clothes fitting nicely!

Hey.  We need every tool we can use at times, right?  The way I dressed help me have success.


  1. It's a great thing to do when you go to the restaurant.. If I choose what to eat before I get there, I will probably eat less and more healthy :)

  2. Marina... it really did help me eat less and more healthy! Now if I could just be more diligent in doing that every time we go out to eat.

    Lynn... thanks!