Thursday, March 31, 2011

DAY 90 -- Shrinking into my clothes!

This morning as I was changing into my exercise clothes, I happened to look in the mirror and thought I looked small enough to wear a particular dress again...a dress I haven't worn for over two years.  So, I marched into the closet, took the dress, slipped it over my head, and over my hips and fanny, and ...  IT FIT!!!  What a good feeling!  Happy dance time!

I wore it today, just because... I CAN!  :)


  1. Hi there! I found your blog on a daily email I receive. I look forward to following your venture. I'm addicted to sugar as well and I've gone off of it before but am on the the merry-go-round with it again. I remember being very cranky for a couple of weeks after giving it up. Your blog just may inspire me to try again. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  2. Thank you so much for posting a comment! Knowing others follow my progress really helps keep me motivated.

    I laughed when I read about how you were cranky when you gave up sugar. I remember getting ridiculously angry at a store clerk when I was in "sugar detox" ... I later returned to the store and apologized. I explained that I was going through sugar withdrawals and should not have ventured out without supervision! She accepted my apology and was good natured about it. Whew!