Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DAY 89 -- Paying attention to hunger/fullness.

Lately I've noticed that I easily neglect paying attention to hunger/fullness.  (Especially fullness.)  My husband and I enjoy talking during our meals.  Our table sits at a window, with a view, and mealtime is a favorite time for us.  We open the blinds, sit at the table, and linger over our meal as we catch up on the day.  Sounds lovely, doesn't it?  However, I find that before I realize what's going on, I have cleaned my plate without checking in with my stomach to see if it's full yet.  

It's not that I eat huge quantities beyond full.  I don't gorge like I used to.  In fact, we dish up our food at the stove or counter, and I'm careful not to load my plate heavy.  But...I want to be more aware of my "full" signals and when I am caught up in talking, I am not paying attention to what my body tells me.  

Not sure how to solve the dilemma since I don't want to go into "silent" mode during mealtime, but somehow I need to remember to talk less and listen my husband and to my stomach!

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