Friday, March 25, 2011

DAY 84 -- Birds of a feather.

I spent the day with the niece I've mentioned in previous posts.  We went to several religious classes together, plus spent time gabbing.  I enjoy being with her because she eats in a similar fashion.  She's not addicted to sugar, but she avoids it because she learned that her body does not handle it well.  She's also into health and nutrition; and has studied it for twenty years.

It's pleasant to be with someone who does not ridicule, or judge the way I eat...someone who doesn't mind sitting in comfortable chairs and sharing healthy snacks (homemade not-so-sweet muffins, vegetable sticks, almonds, fruit) rather than hit the fast food joint.  Some people feel uncomfortable around me because they want to "pig out" and they feel like they can't do that if I am around.  (I've had people tell me this--that's how I know.)

Sometimes the hardest part about eating healthy is being the "odd person out," so I thoroughly enjoyed female gab time with someone who "gets me."

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