Sunday, March 13, 2011

DAY 72 -- Crackers

When it comes to crackers, sometimes it is harder to find a healthy choice.  My two favorite crackers, though, are Ry-Krisp (the seasoned ones), and Triscuits.  Both have very few ingredients and whole grain. They are one of the few "processed" or packaged foods that I still eat.  (Years ago I tried making my own rye crackers but they did not turn out...too thick and hard as rocks!)

Ry-Krisp has whole rye, corn bran, sunflower oil, salt, and caraway.   

Triscuits have whole grain soft white winter wheat, soybean oil, and salt.

Most crackers have a bunch of ingredients that I can't even pronounce, and even have added sugars, so to me, these two crackers are a healthy choice.

I don't snack as much as I used to (snacking only when I am real hungry and it is still awhile until mealtime) but when I do have a snack, I enjoy a couple of either Ry-Krisp, or Triscuits, a small piece of imported white cheese, and a little bit of fruit.

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