Monday, March 7, 2011

DAY 66 -- Italian pizza

Went to lunch with a couple friends today.  I didn't overeat...but I did have Italian style pizza.  For pizza it is pretty healthy, made with olive oil and very little cheese...a white cheese, not waxy cheddar.  I love the pizza crust of Italian pizza--wood fired..and thin.  My friends had gelato, but I passed on that (of course).  The only thing that might not have been very healthy for my pizza is the flour for the crust.  I am not sure if it was white flour or whole grain.  But as I mentioned, the crust is real thin and I didn't eat the whole thing!

In Italy they serve you an entire pizza, but with such few toppings and such thin crust, it's easy to eat the whole thing.  Today I refrained and saved half for my husband to take to lunch tomorrow.  He's one happy puppy over that.  He's like me... since visiting Italy last year, he does not care for the American version of pizza anymore.

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