Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today I feel the need to stress that I am not preaching that everyone must give up sugar.  I gave up sugar because of my addiction to sweets.  There are some people who handle sugar just fine--they can take it or leave it.  Truthfully, though, I have not personally met many people who fit in that category.

When I hear someone say, "I could never give up sugar, or I could never give up caffeine, or I could never give up (fill in the blank)" I hear an addict talking.

My journey to recovery began with one day at a time.  Initially I told myself, "Just for today I can go without sugar and sweets," and when I made it through that day, then the next day I told myself the same thing, "Just for today..."  Then, after it was out of my system, I no longer craved it.  In fact, I have mentioned in a previous post that I try to listen to what my body needs and never once--ever--has my body told me it needed a cookie or candy.  It has, however, told me at times that I need some fruit.

This is my journey to healthy eating now, trying to make the healthiest choices for me every day.  Others need to find out for themselves what they need for good health and then be brave enough to follow through.  In overcoming addiction, I hope that I can help others by sharing my success and showing it is possible.

As for healthy eating, if the things I mention in my posts ring true for you, then consider following the same challenge I gave myself, or adjust it to your particular needs.  I'm not here to preach "give up sugar or die!" I'm here to talk about my quest for better health.

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