Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DAY 60 -- Weighing in but measuring health.

This morning I stepped on the scale and learned I lost another three pounds.  I'm pleased with that, and wonder what weight my body will settle into as a healthy weight.  See my page "At the Start" for a listing of my weigh-ins (every couple weeks or so).

That said, I want to stress that My Healthy Eating Challenge is not about weight or size or shape, but rather about making healthy choices in eating (and exercise) so that my body can adjust itself to where my body deems itself healthy.  Not the media, not my peers.  I hope to lose the weight I gained over the last couple years (when I began eating on the run and neglecting reading labels, etc.) but mainly I want to give my body a chance to regulate itself.  I want to listen to my body's signals for hunger and fulness; listen to my body's signals for what exercises (if any) I need for that day; listen to my body's nutritional needs (do I feel like I need more/less protein today?  more/less fat?  more/less complex carb?)

When I post on my "At the Start" page, I purposely did not put my weight.  One reason for that is because I have always weighed more than what I look.  Even when I was young and thin, my body weighed more than how I looked.  So to list my weight would not give an accurate measure of "health."  Nor would listing my size.  I don't want to get caught up in weight and size according to experts or peers, I want to reach a weight and size that MY body determines.

If I do everything I can to give my body a chance for health, then that's quite an accomplishment.  And in the meantime, I will post my weight loss in hopes that others will see that we don't have to follow insanity and extremes (counting points, counting carbs, counting fat, counting portions) to lose weight.   

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