Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DAY 333 -- Well cared for.

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Today, with my job, I drove a 1992 Mercedes Roadster. When I was handed the keys I wondered if the car would be a piece of junk since it was older and going to auction, but I was wrong.  The car was beautiful, inside and out.  Whoever owned that car took great care of it. And I'm telling ya...what a suhweeeet ride! It was such a joy to drive I found myself wishing for a big pocketful of change to purchase that baby.

I've mentioned how my husband says I'm a Ferrari in need of special fuel...well driving that older Mercedes and feeling the joy of handing a quality well cared for machine, made me reflect on how the human body also defies age when treated with healthy respect.  We are children of God.  We are of great worth, quality.  If we make sure our bodies and minds are well cared for, we can enjoy a much sweeter ride through our life.


  1. What a wonderful observation! And unlike the car, our bodies have some ability to heal themselves if we just start treating them right.