Sunday, November 20, 2011

DAY 324 -- Some foods are a pain in the head.

Yesterday a friend suffered from a migraine...again.  She gets them frequently, and I've already preached the sermon, "Get off the caffeine, sugar, and especially artificial sweeteners!"  So I said nothing.

But it reminded me of something I needed to add to "My Story" on this blog.  I posted a list on that page of all the changes I've experienced since I stopped eating refined sugar, but forgot (until today) to include that I rarely get headaches now.  I used to get frequent headaches (several times a week), some of which were severe to the point of vomiting.   

Now, when I do get a rare headache, I can usually link it to something I've eaten.  I no longer eat at Pei Wei restaurant because each time I ate there (three times) I ended up with a headache.  Also, because my body is sensitive to sugar, I don't eat fruit on an empty stomach or I can count on a headache as the result.  I eat fruit with a meal; or for a snack, I include nuts, cheese, or plain yogurt.

Now and then I get a headache from something I've not eaten enough of: protein. Thankfully, I can usually feel that type of headache coming on and avoid the problem by eating some cottage cheese.  If I don't catch it in time, then I take some medication along with a boiled egg.  

I know I'm judging by my own experiences, but I am of the strong opinion that most severe headaches are linked to diet.


  1. I think you are on to something! As a person who has a hard time taking suggestions, I still need to hear it!!

    This last 6 months, I've gone to breaking my eating up into 6 increments throughout the day. I've found a much better mood level and I'm like you, I can't eat fruit on an empty stomach. I crash and burn if I do.

  2. Fruit on an empty stomach gives me a tummyache. I am pretty sure my headaches are food-linked. When I was making homemade bread often I had frequent headaches. It turns out that gluten, dairy, and baker's yeast--all common ingredients in homemade bread-- are all on my list of food sensitivities.

    I have had various aches and pains since I switched diets, but I am avoiding pain pills and caffeine, though some days the ibuprofen is sure tempting.