Friday, November 18, 2011

DAY 322 -- Trying a new recipe.

As I planned my meals for the week, I came across a recipe for Crab Meat Clam Chowder.  It was a basic New England style clam chowder that included crab meat, and sure sounded delicious to me!  So I got the necessary ingredients and made the chowder today for lunch.

First of all, it was so easy to make I wondered why I rarely make chowder!

While it simmered, I sent an email to my husband, telling him how he can look forward to a tasty chowder when he gets home.  (I won't be home this evening, thus I prepared it for my lunch, but he will have it for supper.)  However, after I ate a bowlful (alright, alright... I had two bowls full... but they were shallow bowls) I sent him another message telling him the chowder was down right nasty and not to worry about it, I will take care of it so that he won't have to suffer through eating it.

Somehow, he didn't believe me!  *innocent grin*

If you don't believe me either, you might want to try it out.  I posted the recipe on my Recipe Page.  Click Here.

(Note:  I selected a can of minced clams that contained only chopped sea clams, clam juice, salt and wild clams.  I got it from the health/natural food store.  The canned clams at most grocery stores had way too many additives for my preference.  I purchased crab meat from the deli at Sunflower Market.)


  1. I am going to try this. I am a fiend for chowder and this sounds amazing. I am stunned that Kurt did not believe you, though! (Heeheehee!) You mention Sunflower Market. Is that your favorite grocery store? Where else do you shop?

  2. Cynthia...I get the majority of our groceries from Sunflower Market. They have regular sales on their organic produce. I get our meat and eggs from a local farm (Utah Natural Meat). Costco has some organic items too, but now I'm a little leery of their organic lettuce. I bought a bag of mixed lettuce that lasted over 3 weeks, so I'm wondering if it wasn't dusted with some type of preservative in spit of the "organic" labeling.