Thursday, November 17, 2011

DAY 321 -- Still thinking about...

I am still chuckling over a couple of the Dumb Diets I wrote about in an earlier post (click here).

  • The Tapeworm Diet, where the dieter purposely ingests a tapeworm.  From the list of "Dumb Diets," this was one I had heard about before... my husband has actually removed tapeworms from people.  I think a better version of this diet would be for people to come sit at our dinner table and listen to his stories of tapeworm removals -- it will kill their appetite.
  • The Cotton Ball Diet, where people consume cotton balls before eating a meal.  This diet gives a whole new meaning to the term "cottonmouth!"  And I'm wondering, could we consider the Cotton Ball Dieter to be "self-absorbed?"   

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