Saturday, November 12, 2011

DAY 316 -- "New" dishes.

We took a bunch of stuff to Deseret Industries (thrift store) today and decided to go inside to purchase a couple extra forks for every day use.  (It seems like some of my forks have grown legs and wandered off.)  After sifting through the flatware and finding what I needed, I began to snoop around the store.  I found some nice Pfaltzgraff plates in a simple design (Ocean Breeze) that I liked.  They typically retail for $13.00 a plate, but at the thrift store they were only $1.00 each. We bought four.  We also purchased 4 dinner plates (retail of $7.99) and 4 bowls (retail of $9.99) all for 75 cents each.

When we moved from Tennessee to Utah over four years ago, I got rid of most of our everyday dishes with the plan to buy an inexpensive set when we got settled.  I never did.  We just used some hard plastic dishes my son gave to us (he won them during his Project Graduation).  (I have some real nice dishes which we use for holidays and family meals, but we needed something for everyday use.)

Isn't that the way it works?  Go in the store for two forks and come out with a set of dishes?

Tonight as I loaded our "new to us" dishes into the dishwasher, I realized they are larger than the plates we are used to.  We will need to be careful with that when it comes to meal times, to prevent overfilling our plates and mentally thinking that's the amount we typically eat.


  1. When we first moved to Washington, my husband bought a set of dinner plates at a yard sale for .10 cents apiece. We already had a set of dishes but it made him happy to get a good deal. I have systematically used those plates to take to potlucks or put cakes on them for cake-walks in hopes of them finding a new home and am down to two of those .10 cent plates.

    I was thinking that if my plate got bigger, I'd had to think about filling it with more veggies, which I never seem to get enough of.

  2. Susan... I bet your "no need to return" plates were appreciated by the receiver. It's nice when you don't have to worry about returning a dish. Next time I go, I might get some cheap casserole dishes for that purpose. :)

    And good idea... I will add more veggies to my plate! :-)