Friday, November 11, 2011

DAY 315 -- 24 Hour Supermarkets

Today I went to a large grocery store to get a few items.  I usually purchase groceries from a smaller market, so when I stepped into the superstore and walked past the aisles upon aisles of packaged foods, I couldn't help but wonder what the energy cost is for housing such selections. Supermarkets are huge.  If we sized down the selections of processed goods, it would save land space, and energy.  I'm not saying we should get rid of all processed foods, just provide minimal selections.  Do we really need an aisle devoted entirely (both sides) to breakfast cereals?  

And while we're at it, how about closing the store at night? Turn out a few lights, save some energy.

Sizing down the store would save some of my personal energy too.  I feel like I walked 40 acres to find three things.


  1. You are a person after my own heart. I made a little rolodex card the other day with something your wrote on a previous post.

    Eat Sane.
    Lose Weight.
    Save the Planet.

    Your ideas do not fall on deaf ears!

  2. Susan... I feel happy to know someone enjoys my blog! I enjoy reading your blogs too. So many times I think we are birds of a feather! And I'm trying to follow your example ... trying to learn to capture the moments better.

    I wish I could take credit for the phrase "Eat sane. Lose weight. Save the planet," but that came from the author Mark Bittman in his book Food Matters. I realized I didn't designate that on my post, so I went back and corrected it this morning. Ever since reading his book I have been more aware about how overconsumption of food effects our planet. It's amazing how many years I gave it very little thought!