Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DAY 306 -- Vitamins

I take vitamin and herb supplements, but I've been wondering about them lately.  I've read different reports that state vitamins are unnecessary if a person is eating healthy because the vitamins come from the foods.  I've also read that since the soil is depleted by overproduction of crops, our vegetables and fruits do not have the nutrition they should.

I would love input (comments) on things you've learned or experienced concerning the vitamin debate.


  1. I don't know about the vitamin debate, but I know I feel better when I regularly take a good quality multi-vitamin. However, I do not eat as healthily as you do.

  2. There are some supplements I take that I definitely know help me (like the herbal stuff that help control hot flashes, etc), but I think I might eliminate some of the stuff and see if I feel any different. I looked closer at my supplements and realized most of them are herbal and only a few are vitamin.

  3. With my new food list, I found that I can't take my regular vitamins; they have whey in them! I guess I'll switch to the doctor recommended ones for a while.