Monday, October 31, 2011

DAY 304 -- Random thoughts.

Since today is Halloween I guess my mind has been on the weird food questions.

  • Who was the first person hungry enough to fight through the pinchers and shell of the crab?
  • Who was the crazy person who, knowing that people die from eating the highly poisonous Puffer Fish, decided, "Well... maybe if we prepare it reeeeaaaal careful, we can pass it off as a delicacy!"

Image from Wikipedia

  • According to the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing one of the ways to heal hemorrhoids and relieve pain is to peel a potato, cut it into small cone-shaped pieces and use it as a suppository.  Oookkaayy.  Who was the first person to discover that?  Who reached such a point of desperation that they shoved a piece of potato up there?

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