Saturday, September 17, 2011

DAY 260 -- R.I.P. Herb Plants

On DAY 131 (click here) I reported purchasing a couple herb plants with high hopes they would survive my care.  They did great initially, and I even added a couple more.  Sadly, due to traveling (being gone), the plants were neglected too often and I think they are beyond repair now.  *sniff*  

R.I.P. my little herbs!

(P.S.... I've been way behind on responding to comments, but I think I'm caught up now.)


  1. My flowers are missing a few that didn't survive non-waterings. Sad. the rest are blooming like crazy! I guess the strong survive.

  2. Lynn... I am surprised that I actually have a couple plants that have survived my care. One is a "gold fish" plant, and the other is an amaryllis (sp?). But none of the herbs survived. Guess they are not as strong. I might try again next spring.