Monday, July 25, 2011

DAY 206 -- Weekend health inventory.

Still reflecting on the fun weekend.  I thought I would list the healthy/unhealthy activities.

Unhealthy - lack of sleep Friday night and rising early Saturday morning.

Healthy - breakfast.

Healthy - snacks during trip.

Healthy - conversation and laughter with my niece (she went with me) as I drove to our hometown in Idaho.

Healthy/Unhealthy - luncheon foods at the community fundraiser (salad and fruit was healthy, but the greasy burger... not so much).

Healthy - visit with friends, then with my sister.

Healthy - reconnected with high school buddies.

Unhealthy - meal served at the reunion (store bought potato salad and coleslaw -- I could taste the chemical preservatives in it).

Healthy - laughter as we shared stories and memories.

Healthy - salad at another niece's home (although it was nearly 10:00 p.m. when I ate it).

Unhealthy - driving a country road to my brother's ranch when it was so late, so dark, and I was so tired!  I drove right past the lane to his place and wandered in the boonies before I realized I needed to turn around.  

Healthy - visit with my brother, meeting his new dog (Rottweiler), petting his faithful old dog (Dingo). 

Unhealthy - staying up way too late visiting.

Healthy - waking up to sun coming through the blinds and hearing the irrigation sprinklers in the fields.  There is something so peaceful about my brother's home (which he designed and built himself) against the foothills surrounded by Quaking Aspen trees.

Healthy - a light breakfast while my brother recited Cowboy Poetry.

Healthy - attending church with my sister and niece.

Healthy - lunch at my sister's house.

Healthy - laughter and talking with my niece as I drove home.

Healthy - arriving home safe and sound and hearing about my husband's weekend with our children and grandchildren.

Healthy - a good night's sleep.

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  1. Sounds like the balance was healthy. Eating at planned events is always a bit tricky, isn't it? Have a great recovery week!