Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DAY 194 - What is it with me and walking?

I went with my sister-in-law (my brother's widow) to look at some condos and townhouses. She might sell their home since it is a lot of upkeep for one person.

First, I took her to a nice subdivision of townhouses near where I live, and pointed out.  "If you bought here, we could walk to each other's home!"

Then, we drove to another nice community and I pointed out the convenient shopping nearby.  "Wow!  You could walk to the store!"

Later, we returned to the first group of townhouses so she could see inside.  She picked me up at my place and as we drove the short distance to the subdivision, I again pointed out, "It would be so cool if you bought in this area; we would be within walking distance."

She responded, "What is it with you and walking?!  I tell you what, YOU can walk to my place and then we'll take my car and go somewhere."

I laughed.

But it made me think.  Hmmm...what is with me and walking? 

If you look at my exercise page, you will see that I rarely walk for exercise.  And I rarely choose to go out for a leisurely stroll (except at the beach).  So, when I don't walk in this area much, why would I be excited about walking to my sister-in-law's place?

I realized it's because I like walking from point A to point B.  I like walking for transportation. I don't like walking to exercise, but I do like walking to reach a destination.  I park way out in the parking lot and walk to the store.  On days when I drove to the university, I purposely parked at the far end of campus and walked to class.  When on vacation, I enjoy walking to see special sights.

This carries over into hiking too.  I tell my husband I will go hiking with him only if there is something worth hiking to.  A waterfall, lake, scenic overlook.  I don't go hiking just to hike.

So that's why I was excited at the thought of her living nearby.  I would have a place to walk to!  That's what is with me and walking.

Hmm... where to?

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