Thursday, July 7, 2011

DAY 188 -- A twist on a burger.

I purchased some ground pork from a farm where they raise natural meats, but I wasn't sure what to make with it.  Then I came across an interesting recipe and decided to give it a try, so I made it for lunch today.

The recipe:  Spiced Pork & Apple Burgers  (click for the link)

It calls for ground pork, spices, and natural applesauce, and turned out quite delicious.

Since we didn't have any burger buns, we just ate the patties with a bit of mustard spread on top.  The recipe suggests mixing maple syrup and spicy brown mustard to use with the burgers but I didn't want the extra sweetener so I just put a couple different mustards on the table.

We'll have it again, and hopefully try it with whole grain buns and toppings next time!


  1. What an interesting idea ~ applesauce. It makes sense that it would go well with the pork and would keep it moist. I've started putting a slice of pineapple on my hamburgers lately. I typically eat a half of a burger so the pineapple slice adds some bulk plus it just makes it interesting. I also only use mustard on my burgers. Have you ever tried the garden burgers? I actually really like them.

  2. Susan...Yummm...pineapple is a fun addition to a burger. I've been leery about trying a Garden Burger, but now, based on your recommendation, I'll be brave!

  3. I learned to eat garden burgers when I was on Weight Watcher's. With the "point" system, beef was just not worth the points but having a veggie burger is a great option.