Friday, July 1, 2011

DAY 182 -- Blast from the past.

This morning I worked out to an old exercise video...and I do mean old, since it's a VHS tape.  It's Jazzercise: The Best Yet! LIVE © 1985.  Remember the 80s exercise fashion?  Tights and leotards accessorized with color-coordinated leg warmers and a belt around the waist.  I never understood the belt around a leotard.  What purpose does that serve?  It's not like you need to hold up your britches!

I have more than thirty exercise videos, not counting the exercise albums and cassette tapes!  Yet, this particular exercise video is one of my favorites.  I have so much fun when I work out to this one, but I don't use it very often... I save it for days when I just can't seem to think of what exercise I feel like doing... those days when I feel a lack of motivation to get moving.  I consider all my other options first, and if none of those get me excited, then I pull Jazzercise: The Best Yet! LIVE out of my arsenal.  For some reason, that tape works magic for me.  

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  1. Maybe the belt helps work the abs? or the obliques? I suppose it's no worse than puka shells and cowl-neck sweaters, or bell-bottom pants.