Friday, April 1, 2011

DAY 91 - Weigh in report; and a worn out grandma!

First of all, I want to report that I weighed in this morning and lost another three pounds since my last weigh in, which was a month ago.  (That makes 21.5 pounds lost since January 1.  See At the Start, for weigh-ins.) This route is definitely not a "lose quick" method, but I'm fine with that since I know my body maintains better at a slow rate.   Besides, as I explained in an earlier post, this challenge (for me) is not all about weight loss, but rather, about health.

Still, I celebrate the loss of three additional pounds, along with fitting into the dress I mentioned yesterday.

Now... for the second part of this post.  I am one worn out, yet happy, grandma.  I watched my two grandchildren today, (ages 2 1/2 and 1 year) while my daughter went shopping.  When I arose this morning, I planned on exercising, but then realized I would get plenty of exercise with the little ones here...and I was right!  Hooboy!  I climbed our stairs dozens of times.  The youngest can climb up but needs help coming down, so up and down I went with him.  We also walked to a nearby playground and played on the slides, and the swings; then walked  (pushing the youngest in a stroller and carrying the older one when she was tired) around the neighborhood before returning to play on the playground again.  Walking home and pushing the stroller was a real challenge since it was uphill.

I am grateful that I can play with the grandkids.  Thankful that I have the energy to be an active part of their lives.

*Big sigh* as I look around the room.  Now I need a burst of oomph to put everything in order again!  :)

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  1. When I think of 3 lbs., I compare it to a 3 lb. roast. That's a lot of extra to carry around. When I think about it this way, it's a huge loss!! Good for you!!