Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple pleasures in eating.

"Learning the simple things that please us make for an artful life." ~Julia Cameron

I used this quote on my other blog (Reel Focus) and then considered how it applies to healthy eating.  When I eat mindfully, I find bursts of flavor in simple foods.
  1. Crisp, juicy cherries
  2. Succulent celery
  3. Fresh raspberries
  4. Sweet ripe watermelon
  5. Fresh peas in the pod
  6. Steamed broccoli
  7. Steamed, crisp, asparagus
  8. Garden tomatoes
  9. Crunchy jicama, bursting with juice
  10. Plain yogurt with chunks of fresh pineapple and walnut pieces
What simple foods please you?

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