Monday, July 9, 2012

Remember two things.

Yesterday I felt blah, accompanied by the desire to munch.  Then I came across this quote:

"I tell my retreat students that they need to remember two things: to eat what they want when they're hungry and to feel what they feel when they're not."  ~ Geneen Roth

I decided to figure out what I was really feeling, since it was not true hunger.  

Thankfully I am married to my best friend, so I went to Kurt and asked him to be my sounding board.  It turned out I had a grab bag of different emotions all disguised into a lump of blah.  As I dug down to figure out what I was really feeling, I pulled out:

  • jealousy (someone who used to be heavier than me has lost weight and is now skinnier)
  • pride (since the above mentioned person "cheated" by using drastic measures rather than good healthy choices, I must be better than her, right?)
  • low self-worth (comparing myself to others)
  • need for approval and validation
  • discouragement (not attaining some goals I had set)
  • boredom (didn't feel like doing much)

After talking things over, I felt much better, and the desire to eat disappeared.  I didn't feel like eating again until this morning after exercising.

I am wondering though (and hoping someone can give me feedback on this)...I understand that I am supposed to allow myself to feel my feelings rather than stuff them down, but what do I do with those feelings once I acknowledge them?  For instance, if I feel angry, should I do something to get rid of that anger (meditation, write my angry feelings and then shred it, punch a pillow until I feel better), or do I just recognize the anger and then move on or ignore it?  What do I do with the feelings I feel?

Any input on that?

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