Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A down side to eating healthy.

There is a down side to eating healthy... I miss the "one stop" shopping.  I used to go to a large supermarket for most of my groceries and household items.

Now I go to Utah Natural Meat for meat and eggs; Sunflower Market for produce, vitamins and herbal supplements; Tony Caputos has the best olive oil, vinegars, and cheese; plus we joined Costco for some of their organic produce and organic canned goods.  Then to top it off, I still need to make a trip to yet a different store for most of our non-grocery items.

It takes some creative maneuvering and planning to make sure I don't waste gas by running hither and yon in my errands.


  1. I am going to help you. I will get you your very own bicycle with saddlebags so you can pedal to all these stores and burn more calories and get more exercise. Don't thank me now. You can thank me later when we are alone.

  2. ha ha I'm sure she'll love that! I posted a comment but I guess I didn't finish it. Sigh.