Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DAY 360 -- Movie marathon.

Spent the day (Monday) swallowed up in movies.  I haven't had such a lazy day in a loooong time.  Unfortunately, sitting on my hind-end all day for a movie marathon, and feeding my face, was not a healthy choice.


  1. Susan... we watched:

    LIMITLESS (streaming on Netflix)
    BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S (streaming on Netflix)
    BED AND BREAKFAST (with Dean Cain, streaming on Netflix)
    TRADING CHRISTMAS (from the Hallmark channel I recorded with DVR)

    It seems like I'm missing one, but maybe I'm thinking of THE SMURFS (DVD) that we watched the night before. :)

  2. Lynn... I like the story concept, and if they do a sequel, I will probably watch it. That said, there were so many factors that drove me nuts or didn't make sense...

    1. Why would an alien teenager that did not have to attend school, insist on going?
    2. The "warriors" or guardians for these aliens were not very capable, so what was their purpose?
    3. If John was so "in love" with Sarah, why did he put her life in jeopardy? His guardian is dead, he knows the aliens are after him, he knows there's big trouble, but he goes to her, endangering her life. Ooookay.
    4. In the end, Mark is nice and helpful to John. Why? I never saw anything that would bring about a change of heart. It's not like John saved Mark's life or anything like that. Sure, John helps defeat the creatures... but the school and the football field are left in rubble. What exactly did John do to redeem himself in the eyes of Mark to suddenly win his friendship? Didn't make sense to me.

    Overall, I didn't like the movie, but as I mentioned, I like the concept enough that I will watch a sequel if they make one. (I want to see if they make improvements and fix the flaws.)