Friday, December 16, 2011

DAY 350 -- "Special Occasions"

Whenever the holidays roll around, it seems like I'm frequently asked, "You don't have sweets even for special occasions?"  Usually I go into my spiel, "I'm an addict.  You wouldn't want an alcoholic to have a drink for Christmas would you?"

Because of the recurring question, I've been thinking about "special occasions" and how for me, that would be a dangerous determining factor.  First of all, there are lots of typical "special occasions"... birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, funerals.  How would one ever overcome an addiction if they kept imbibing for every "special occasion?"  But the real danger would be this... If I told myself I could have sweets on "special occasions" every day would have a reason to celebrate.  Remembered to use a loofah on those callouses?  I deserve a cookie.  It's Friday? I made it through the week?  Time for a treat.

That, my friends, was a mindset that led me to obesity and ill health.  Trust me, I tried doing the "have dessert only for special occasions" gig.  It didn't work for me.  I even tried the "just have a little piece or a taste."  That didn't work either.  I didn't want a little piece.  I wanted the whole cake.  I didn't want a cookie.  I wanted the whole bag.

I recognized my addiction and drew the line in the sand, which stays ... even during special occasions.  And that works for me.


  1. A better comment might be, "No, I want to feel my very best on special occasions."

    It might make them think! Most people don't want to think about their sugar addiction; but everyone knows it's bad for you.
    Hey, I'm going to adopt it myself. I just this minute thought it up. It's a lot easier than the long explanation.

    I'm taking hummus and GF crackers for the church "finger foods" Christmas event! Last year I didn't go because it was a "treat share." I was just too tired to sit there and watch everyone else eat.

  2. I'm an over-eater, not just of sugar, but everything. Had a very bad week last week. My office is ordering pizza on Tuesday. I'm going to pack a lunch but not sure I have what it takes to turn down pizza. I just can hardly stand the way I feel this last 10 days. Bloated and remorseful.

    I've tried all kinds of methods for trying to cut back, abstain, etc. All it takes is one tiny justifying thought to wipe out every thing I know about overeating. It's a daily struggle.

    Thanks so much for sharing your daily posts. It helps me!

  3. Lynn... That's a good response! I need to remember that.

    Susan... I wish I knew how to draw the line between me and FOOD. I struggle so much with overeating!