Friday, October 21, 2011

DAY 294 -- Weird watermelon stain.

Last week my husband put a watermelon in our cart as we shopped.  I questioned him, "Watermelon in October?"  I was a little hesitant to purchase it since it was grown "out of season," but if you read an earlier post (Where did time go?), you can maybe understand why I kept the melon in the cart... I was still holding on to summer.  I really, really struggle with eating fruits and vegetables in their natural growing season.

Well, we brought the watermelon home and my husband removed the rind, and cut the red fruit of the melon into chunks which he placed in our large white Tupperware bowl.  Cutting it up and storing it in Tupperware is typical for us, but this was the first time he put it in the white bowl.

Now the white bowl is stained orange from the watermelon.  Weird!  None of the previous watermelons stained any of our bowls, so why did it stain this one?  And I do mean stained.  I've tried numerous methods of cleaning it... scouring pad, multiple trips through the dishwasher, scrubbing with Bon Ami, scouring with baking soda, and soaking it in bleach.  None of the methods have worked.  It seems dyed.

So then I wonder...  Since this melon is "out of season" could it have added coloring to make it appear red?  It was not organically grown but I didn't worry about that since melons are not as crucial to buy organic.  Maybe I'm paranoid.  Maybe this will help me strive to eat produce in season.

Has anyone else had problems with watermelon staining something, especially leaving an orange stain?


  1. Nope, never. Argh. That's very disturbing, isn't it.

  2. That makes me think. There are other things I suspect are dyed. Did it taste good?

  3. Susan... It still weirds me out when I think about it.

    Lynn... Yeah, the melon was sweet and juicy. Still, we passed them up at the market yesterday.