Thursday, October 27, 2011

DAY 300 -- Spinning wheels.

Ever had a day where you decided to go on strike, ignore the to-do lists, say "to heck" with the demands of responsibilities and obligations?  Ever had a day where you decide you are just going to do whatever you darn well feel like?  That was my day today.  But the problem is... I wrestled with so much guilt that I didn't enjoy my day.  It feels like all I did was spin my wheels.  And I realized that what I "want to do" is not as clearly defined as my lists of what I "have to do."


  1. I have those days more often than I like to admit. Today, I am home doing much needed laundry and catching up on my blog reading and just hanging out. Feels good to just be home.

  2. Susan... I need to have more days like that (minus the guilt). I get too task-driven!