Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DAY 298 -- My stickK goal.

This Thursday will mark four weeks of my "no overeating" which will complete the goal I set on stickK.com.  I've been successful so far, and have not lost any money to the anti-charity I selected!!!  Hooray!

However... tomorrow is our son-in-law's birthday and we are going out to dinner to celebrate.  He selected Ruby River Steakhouse.  I haven't eaten there in several years, so I got on-line to see look at their menu, and now my mouth is watering!  Gulp.  This could spell trouble.  

Stay tuned.


  1. Make your selections ahead of time, and stick with them. Put half in a box to take home...and then drive downtown and give it to a homeless person!

    There, problem solved. :) Enjoy your dinner.

  2. Lynn... I thought I had made my selections ahead of time, but still ended up stewing over the menu. At least I did okay by putting half in the to-go box to bring home.