Monday, October 24, 2011

DAY 297 -- Hot cereal favorites.

I love hot cereal for breakfast.  I grew up on oatmeal, and whole wheat mush.  Now I have a variety of hot cereals on hand.  Oatmeal; oat bran; steel cut oats; Zoom (similar to mom's homemade whole wheat mush); Hodgson's Mill cracked wheat; and Bob's Red Mill 7 Grain Hot Cereal.

Those are some of my favorites, and some of the few "packaged" foods that I eat (since they only contain the grain, no additives or chemicals).  I sweeten them with fruit.  With oatmeal I like sliced banana and walnuts stirred in, with a dash of cinnamon.  With Zoom, I like to add peaches, or pears.  My favorite thing to add to cracked wheat is dried cherries and walnuts.  With the 7 grain hot cereal, I stir in dried currants (that have no sugar added) and pecan pieces.  Mmm. mmm. mmm!

I've come a looooong way from eating bowl after bowl (in one sitting) of Lucky Charms!

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