Thursday, October 20, 2011

DAY 293 -- Selfish with food.

I've done well on my goal to not overeat for three weeks now.  I can leave food on my plate, and save food for later, but I'm still selfish with my food.  Today I needed to use up a potato and an onion, so I made hashbrowns with both.  I only ate half of mine and saved the other half on my plate while I visited with my husband.  He reached over and snitched a cube of my potato.  One cube.  And I snarled at him, "HEY!  That's mine!"

Heaven forbid if I have one cube, one morsel, less at my next meal!  Sheesh.

Will food always have such a hold on me?


  1. I know what you mean. I don't know if it's food having a hold, or just the sense of our space/privacy being invaded.

    At least you made your own hashbrowns! A.cut up apples for our breakfast this morning, and then put mine in lemon water when I didn't want to eat them all right then. I nibbled on them later in the morning, and then hollered at him when I heard him crunching one! (I told him if he ate with better manners he wouldn't have gotten caught!)

  2. Lynn... I laughed out loud when I read "...if he ate with better manners he woldn't have gotten caught." I shared that story with my husband.

    By the way...I shared a bite from a delicious meal today and he said that made up for snarling at him over the cube of potato. :)