Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DAY 285 -- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Even though this has nothing to do with healthy eating, I wanted to share it anyway.

Today I went for my yearly mammogram appointment.  I typically try to avoid having a mammogram done in October.  Why?  Because October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness and it seems like the waiting room is full of magazines containing articles about breast cancer.  The last time I had a mammogram in October, I sat reading cancer articles that put the scare in me.  Then, to top it off, they saw a “spot” on my mammogram image and I ended up having a biopsy.  I told myself over and over that everything would be fine, but the horror stories I had read in the waiting room kept marching through my mind.   AAAAaaaargh.

The biopsy revealed fibrous tissue.  All was well.  And from then on I made sure to schedule my screenings for a month other than October… until now.  I could not get in during September so it rolled around to the dreaded month.  I decided I could handle it, and took my own reading material.

Turns out that I had no reason to worry.  The Women’s Center I go to now (we’ve moved since my biopsy) is so efficient I did not have time to read anything.  

Walked in, given a gown, put on the gown, got squished, got dressed, and left.  


  1. Don't you love it when they are so quick like that? Which one did you go to?

    I'm surprised the previous one did biopsy before ultrasound. When they found something to worry about (a shadow) on mine, they did an ultrasound. All was well and the next few were fine.

    Please do your self-checks too. Mammograms don't reveal everything, as my Mom found out.

    Not to scare you or's a reminder to me as well; I've been neglecting them.

  2. Lynn... I went to the Women's Center at Alta View. They are fantastic.

    When the group in Knoxville, TN discovered the spot, they did do an ultrasound immediately after the mammogram, but when it was "inconclusive" they scheduled me for the biopsy.

    I am really bad about self-checks. I don't do them, and I get scolded every GYN visit.