Monday, October 10, 2011

DAY 283 -- Oregano to the rescue.

Some friends invited us to their place for dinner last night, and she was serving a favorite recipe... lasagna.  In the past, I loved her lasagna and usually had heaping servings for seconds and thirds.   So, I felt a little nervous about going there last night.  Would I be able to stick to my not overeating goal?  Or would her lasagna do me in?

She had the food set out to serve buffet style at her counter, and I carefully took a small portion of lasagna. When I bit into it, I was greatly relieved... she had gone heavy on the oregano which (in my opinion) ruined the flavor.  Hooray!!  I did not even eat all of the small portion I took, let alone desire any more.  

(I am not a fan of dried oregano.  Whenever I use it, I put in less than half of what the recipe suggests.  I DO like fresh oregano though!)