Saturday, October 8, 2011

DAY 281 -- Cucumber ideas?

One of my nieces gave me four humongous cucumbers from her garden today.  I told her there was no way we could consume them before they go bad, but she insisted I take them anyway and told me, "If they go bad, just throw them away and don't tell me!"

She's had such a crop of cucumbers and admitted that it's hard to know what to do with them. Zucchini, for instance, can go in salads, stir fry, breads, muffins... but what can you do with cucumbers?  Salad, raw cucumber spears, sliced and marinated with onion and vinegar, pickles (but these are way too big for that). That's about all we could think of.  

Does anyone have suggestions or recipes that might help me use these cucumbers?

By the way... I've used cucumber slices on puffy eyes and it really does help to refresh and take the puffiness out! 


  1. how about stuffed cucumbers? peel and seed them, then put in a tuna or chicken salad with a garnish of parsley.

    They also add to compost :)

  2. My dog loves cucumbers and I have to give her bites of mine when I peel them. I'd have no problem eating 4 of them in a two days. I love to just cut them up and eat 'em throughout the day. I don't have any ideas ... I simply love to add a few sprinkles of salt and eat them plain. But if you have a dog, your dog may actually like them too!

  3. Lynn... stuffed cucumbers sounds yummy! I will try that!

    Susan... we no longer have pets, so I can't try it on our dog. Thankfully I love cucumbers too, because I'm going to be eating a lot of them! :-)

    My husband suggested (as a joke) that we could have cucumber sandwiches, and that actually sounds really good to me!