Thursday, October 6, 2011

DAY 279 -- My overeating goal.

Okay, a week ago I started a goal with that I would not overeat for four weeks.  If I am successful, and don't lose money each week, I will set up another goal beyond that.  This four weeks is a testing period for me.

Overeating to me means... eating when I'm not physically hungry (feeding my heart or head instead of my stomach), and eating beyond the point of comfortably full.

I want to report that I made it through this past week without overeating!!  Hooray!  No money going to anti-charity this week!  HA!  Take that!  Mwahaha.


  1. You did great! Me? Not so much. We have company and for some reason all my resolve goes out the window when I have company. Reading your posts really helps me get back to "right thinking". Thanks for this!

  2. It really is hard to keep from overeating when we have company. Studies reveal that people eat more when they are in groups. (I think I read that in the book "Mindless Eating.")