Monday, October 3, 2011

DAY 276 -- "Are you sure this is sanitary?"

Think the voice of Tantor from Disney's Tarzan, "Are you sure this [water] is sanitary?  It looks questionable to me!'

Today I had the opportunity to help transport cars from some auto dealerships to where they will be auctioned.  I was called at the last minute, and unsure if they stop for lunch, I grabbed some almonds, a few Triscuit crackers, and planned to bring some dried fruit but decided to quickly grab a Larabar instead.  I am sooo glad I did.  Here's why...

At one dealership, I was handed the keys to a Ford Expedition that had been traded in.  I opened the door to the vehicle and about fell over.  It was absolutely filthy grimy gross dirty.  I dutifully climbed in and sat as best as I could on the broken seat, looking around at all the trash and debris, trying hard to ignore the stench.  As luck would have it, the broken seat would not move forward making it difficult for me to reach the pedals.

I hopped out and explained the dilemma.  They relieved me of the dump and gave me the keys to an Oldsmobile Alero.  Whew.  But that car was only a notch above the filthiness of the Expedition.  Do people act like pigs in these cars?  Do they not even want their personal items... like the used ceramic coffee cup left in the seat, or their clothing, or stereo remote?  Sheesh!

Well, after driving the mobile trash can to the car auction, my stomach was rumbling.  (I'm surprised the filth and skanky air freshner dangling from the mirror did not squelch my appetite.)  I realized by that point that no one stops to eat; I was grateful I brought some snacks.  Then came the dilemma... I reached for my hand sanitizer in the outer pocket of my purse and could not find it.  Apparently it dropped out somewhere.

I DID NOT want to reach into my bag of almonds or crackers after being in those awful pig pens, so it was with much relief that I pulled out my Larabar, and carefully kept my hands on the wrapper as I ate it.

I get to transport vehicles again tomorrow.  This time I'm taking a bottle of sanitizer that fastens to my purse!

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  1. Oh, I have seen cars like that before. Yuck. I can take a little clutter but if they smelled bad, I'm not sure I could do the job of moving them.

    I love those Larabars ~ I should keep more of them around but I eat them up when I buy them.