Friday, September 30, 2011

DAY 273 -- Tied to be fit.

Sometimes I eat out of sheer habit rather than hunger.  Habits call out, "Time to eat!" when in reality I need to let hunger make that call. be fit.

Habit wants to reach out and open the fridge when I walk by, so in order to achieve my goal for stickK (to eat only when physically hungry--not heart hungry), I realized I needed a reminder to make me stop and think before reaching for food. I decided to tie a bow around the handles of the refrigerator. (The "bow" is actually a clever crocheted scarf someone gave me.)  Now, untying the bow gives me a chance to reflect, Am I actually hungry?  

Seeing the scarf has stopped me in my tracks more than once as I headed to the fridge.  The tactic far!

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