Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DAY 271 -- Dr. Oz's challenge

Yesterday I was flipping through channels (something I rarely do -- watch television, especially during the daytime) and I happened across the Dr. Oz show.  He was talking about his challenge called Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You.  Anyone can join the program to compete for a million dollars.   

Weight Watchers is offering a complimentary weigh in and certificate (required to compete) until early next week (I'm not sure of the dates).  I don't think a person has to join Weight Watchers (unless they want to), but they are required to have the starting weigh-in certificate and an ending certificate.   Here's the link for more information:  Transformation Nation

I don't plan to compete, but I wanted to pass this information on, in case anyone is interested.


  1. My husband loves Dr. Oz! Somehow I thought our First Lady would be doing a lot more to combat obesity in this country but I haven't seen much. I remember in high school we had the presidential awards for fitness. It was something we all aspired to.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. This looks interesting; maybe it's what I need to get me going again. I won a local fitness contest last year before we moved and then let things go.

  3. Susan... I should program our DVR to record Dr. Oz, so I can watch it when I have time. It seemed pretty interesting and I think the challenge is fantastic to motivate people.

    Lynn... That's fantastic that you won the fitness contest. You can do it again!