Thursday, September 22, 2011

DAY 265 -- Organic milk.

For several years I've been cautious about purchasing milk that is not from cows treated with hormones, which we could usually find at a decent price at the local supermarket as well as Walmart.  Then recently we took a step towards drinking organic milk.  An expensive step -- ouch!  I almost hoped we would not notice a difference in taste, so I could remain content with what we were already drinking.  But nooooo, the organic milk tastes sooooo wonderful!  Now it's hard to go back.

Dang.  What did we start?  :-)


  1. I think you're worth it! Drink organic milk with reckless abandon. There are worse ways to spend your dollars, right?

    Besides, your system is like a Ferrari, it needs super fuel. I heard that here! :-)

  2. Thanks Susan! Now I can enjoy the organic milk without guilt!! YAY! You are right...I need super fuel. :)