Sunday, September 18, 2011

DAY 261 -- White bread woes.

I needed to provide some white bread for someone.  Since I only have whole grain, whole wheat bread, I decided to try the bread maker and make a loaf of white bread to give away.  I bought a package of organic unbleached white bread flour and made a loaf last night.  It didn't turn out very well.  I think it rose too high, then collapsed, then baked.  It tasted wonderful, but was misshapen and unsightly.  I couldn't give it to anyone!  So I made a second loaf, using a recipe for a smaller loaf (1.5 pounds instead of 2) and used less yeast than the recipe called for.

Now I have the first loaf of bread that didn't turn out.  Did I mention it was very tasty?  How do I know this?  Because I've eaten almost the whole blasted thing!!!

From now on, if someone needs white bread I better march to the store and buy a loaf.  No more Mrs. Nice Guy!


  1. I know! Hot bread and a stick of butter. I made a loaf of rye bread this weekend and I could not resist it. I think the photo looks like a small loaf of french bread.

  2. Susan... Mmmm... rye bread! Did you make the dark rye recipe you've shared earlier? Delicious!

    Oh, and I had a hard time finding a photo of white bread that didn't look like a cartoon, so I settled for the french bread. :-)