Thursday, September 15, 2011

DAY 258 -- Color me hungry.

I recently read The People Code by Dr. Taylor Hartman, which explained how all people have a core motive that drives their decisions and actions.  He identified four motives, each with a color:

Red: power
Blue: intimacy (relationships)
White: peace
Yellow: fun

Every person has one primary core motive, and usually a secondary color influences their personality as well.

The book was extremely insightful and I learned a lot about myself.  Sometimes it was eerie how close he described my personality and quirks!

Dr. Hartman insisted there are only the four motives, but I wondered, could food be a fifth motive?  I swear sometimes I think food is a strong motivating factor in my life.  Invited to a party?  Hmmm.  What are they serving?  Kim’s spicy-peach cheese ball?  Oh yeah, I’m down for that!  Invited to go out to dinner?  What restaurant?  Mandarin House?  Count me in!!  Bored?  Hmmm… what sounds good to eat?  Need to concentrate?  Maybe I should eat first.

In reality though, he's probably right about the four motives, after all, he’s done the study and research.  Food, though, often gets associated with motive.  The winner gets a treat.  (Power!)  Grandma loves you.  Here, have a cookie.  (Intimacy.)  If you two behave, I will give you a treat!  (Peace.)  And… Let’s go to the carnival!  We can get some cotton candy!  (Fun!)

My primary color is Blue (intimacy), and coming in a very close second is Yellow (fun).  I’m thinking perhaps I’ve replaced “fun” with “food.”

But if food could be a fifth motive, I wonder what color it would be?  Today, I’m thinking Green (as in leafy greens) but ten years ago I would have selected Chocolate Brown.


  1. Very interesting. Since I started my new job, I have discovered there is a vending machine in the kitchen. Very bad. I actually ate a candy bar this week. Yikes! I think most of our social gatherings have food at the center of them. What if we just got together and didn't make food the center? What would bring us together? A rhetorical question really. On our recent trip to the beach, I really fought some old thinking which included "well, is a family gathering .. it's okay to eat hot dogs and hamburgers." I packed my own food and stuck to my plan as best I could. I did incorporate plans to have s'mores but I only ate one eat night.

    I think I'm a YELLOW!

  2. What would we do when we got together with no food? Ask the people who come to a church function and leave right after dinner instead of staying for the program.

    I think we plan get-togethers around food because
    a) it's comforting
    b) it's something to do--preparing--eating--cleaning up--that eases the awkwardness of social events
    c) we have to eat anyway, and people will stay if there is food, or leave to go get some and not come back.
    d) it's a way to get to know each other.
    Who likes cole slaw? (not me)
    and who's the lady who always brings the prune cake even if hardly anyone eats it? (that would be Aunt Lila because Cousin Bill always raves about it--but did you ever see him actually eat it?)
    Oh my goodness, your mom makes this yucky carrot/raisin salad too? (yeah, I think she got the recipe from yours)

    No offense to any of Trudy's loyal readers who actually like the above dishes. Just don't try to get me to eat Brussels sprouts no matter which beloved relative makes them.

  3. Susan... I know what you mean about social gatherings centered around food. We had some friends that loved to get together with us years ago when we used to eat candy, pastries, and junk food. Unfortunately, they don't know how to relate to us now, it seems.

    Lynn... What? You don't like carrot/raisin salad? (Just kidding, I'm not a fan either.) I've never heard of prune cake, but I'm not sure that would be a hit with anyone I know! Except perhaps the elderly I work with on Sundays!... And maybe Worf on Star Trek, since he thought prune juice was a drink for warriors.

  4. I know exactly what Lynn's talking about! Except I'm one of those people who actually likes shredded carrots in the lime jello. LOVE IT!

    I have a relative who used to visit from out of town and she would actually call me and plan the entire weekend's menu. I realize now, years later, she was afraid there wouldn't be enough to eat or it would be something she wouldn't care for. How do I know this? Because I have done the very same thing.

    Love the conversation here! :-)

  5. I used to like the shredded carrots in lime jell-o, but was never a fan of carrot-raisin salad. I didn't "hate" it, but it was not a favorite by a long shot.

    I remember avoiding food prepared by a certain person who regularly attended "covered dish" (southern for "potluck") socials. Her food always looked very attractive and appealing but tasted gross. One time I attended a social and learned she brought a tossed green salad. I figured it was safe. How can you ruin a tossed salad? But she did. I don't know what was in it, but it was the most bitter salad I've ever eaten. :)